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The fastest man on two hands: Meet Zion Clark

"Before I knew it, I had crossed the finish line! A rush of euphoria surged through my body as the official timer called out 4.78 seconds!" - Zion Clark


Zion Clark (USA) is many things. 

An entrepreneur, motivational speaker, actor, author and athlete to name a few. But he's added another new accolade to the list - record breaker. 

Zion attempted the fastest 20m walking on hands on 15 February 2021 at his former high school gym in Massillon, Ohio, USA.


Zion Clark The 24-Year-Old Guinness World Record Holder Impacts Millions

Zion Clark is a motivational speaker, author, athlete and now joins the esteemed few "Instagrammers" that have hit the one million follower milestone on their Instagram page. Clark has over seventeen million "likes" on TikTok and nearly forty million views of his Guinness World Record Youtube video. It is safe to say Clark is impacting the masses. 

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"I had to get creative to reinvent myself."

No Athlete Has Ever Made the Paralympics and the Olympics. Zion Clark Could Change That.

IF YOU’VE NEVER seen Zion Clark wrestling, there comes a moment in nearly every one of his matches when he looks just like every other competitor: in the down position, flexing his broad chest, massive arms, and sculpted back as he fights to escape his opponent’s hold and gain the advantage. But once he does, it becomes clear how he’s different..


Ellen Surprises Wrestler's Mom with a 2019 Chevy Traverse!

Ellen met an incredible college wrestler named Zion Clark, who proved that hard work can conquer anything.

As a teen, he found a passion for wrestling, but rarely won matches. After training hard and with Kimberlli’s support, by his senior year, he became one of the best wrestlers at his high school. Now he’s a top wrestler at Kent State, and has dreams of making history by becoming the first two-sport paralympic athlete at the Olympics.

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